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How To Make Nail Polish: Matte Black Nail Polish

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Popular nail polish these days is the matte black, it’s one of the most fashionable and is known as easy nail art with black. Lots of people are even painting their cars matte black. Mixing a super shiny black with a matte black nail polish makes for an awesome . They’re also fast drying matte black nail polish that has fun sparkly stuff in it, makes your nail appear as if they were lava rocks. Honestly if you’re going to do matte nails then black is the color to use, colorful matter polishes end up looking dull.

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    You start with a base of the matte black nail polish. I used two coats. Wait for it to completely dry before adding your design. I’ve had some matte polishes dry with what look like brush marks or lumpiness so I was happy to see that the Revlon matte dries nice and smooth a extremely flat.

    hot summer weather might be making us glistening with sweat, but the of-the-moment trend for nails is the opposite of shiny. A tar-like matte black nail polish popped up courtesy of a couple months ago, and now other colors are available from that company and others are available. And, if you have a favorite shade that doesn’t come in flat finish, a matte top coat will take away any polish’s sheen. Now if only we had a product that could keep us from sweating on a 90-degree day.