Competitor CB 339 Multi Function Weight Bench

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Overall the Physionics HNTLB05 Multifunctional Weight Bench offers excellent value for money when you consider how many exercise variations you can perform when combined with a good quality set of dumbbells and barbell weight plate set.The separation of the preacher curl and leg developer is a unique design idea for a bench system like this, and the cable at the top of the back rest makes many exercises such as weighted ab crunches possible that you just couldn't perform on many other types of bench press.Weight limit: 280kgProduct dimensions: 180cm (L) x 126cm (W) x 123cm (H)

While the Physionics Multifunctional weight bench does come with a small selection of lighter weight plates (a pair of 5kg and a pair of 2.5kg), these can only really be used on the leg developer and chest fly when you first buy the bench unless you already have a barbell set.

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Competitor CB 339 Multi Function Weight Bench
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As well as the main pressing movements which can help develop your overall chest muscles, the Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench also comes with a feature to allow you to perform chest flys.

Having such a high weight limit (around 280kg including user and weight), the Physionics Multifunctional Weight Bench will provide effective workouts for a wide range of abilities, from the beginner up to those who have been weightlifting and keeping fit for many years.