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My tmobile has never’ worked correctly. Tells me I don’t have a payment history & gives me an incorrect billing status. As a side note, why am I getting Verizon ads on a tmobile blog???

They had so many issues on the my tmobile website, mine was a constant alert on the right side telling me that my tablet had no Internet service but every time that I bring that to the attention of customer service they basically said, if it works don't worry about it

Not sure what's going on right here, right now

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    Back home, my wife, still seething from trial-by-assistant at the T-Mobile shop, decided to review all of the T-Mobile contracts. We worked out that by closing some contracts when they ran out and downsizing others to much cheaper SIM-only plans we could save ourselves almost Euro 450 per month. For example, my private mobile contract was downsized from a Euro 50 per month contract I rarely used as I was always travelling, to a much cheaper Euro 5 per month SIM-only contract. My business contract, that cost up to Euro 250 per month because of extortionate roaming charges was closed and swapped for a pre-paid UK GiffGaff SIM (as most of my work is in the UK) that cost only GBP 10 per month, a saving of almost Euro 240 per month!

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    the left hand side. Hi today I went on my T-Mobile and it showed this message at the top of the a