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nabi 2 (NABI2-NV7A), Black/Red


How to reset 9" nobis tablet to factory setting

I have had experience with the Nobis Tablets Quad Core and find it to be an
excellent tablet. I have a Nobis dual Core 9″ being delivered Friday and am
looking forward to working with it. Maybe I will do a video review.

hey my nobis tablet is stuck on the go screen. ive reset it and did a
factory reset and whenever i reboot it it never gets past the go screen.
this tablets my life so i need to fix it. please help

Forgotten password on nobis tablet

  • How to factory reset a nobis tablet?
    - Factory reset for nobis
  • need help with nobis tablet 9". tablet is stuck on GO and

    With their compact bodies, Nobis tablets carry easily from room to room and outside the home, granting owners convenient access to favorite apps, media, and the Internet when connected via WiFi.

    The important stuff – Ok, so we know this Nobis tablet is not going to compete with the likes of the Nexus 9 or iPads, but it does not want to, as it is all about affordability. It comes with a 9-inch display with a 800 x 480 resolution, and the 1.5GHz Amlogic 8726 Dual-Core Cortex A9 processor continues the trend of low-end hardware, as does its 1GB of RAM. We know Apple’s iOS devices also come with low system memory, but its hardware and software work in perfect unison as to not be power hungry.