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As an added bonus, the methods used to produce organic baby products are better for the environment as well. The absence of artificial chemicals means that there were no harmful insecticides (used in treating plants, like cotton) being released into the environment as by-products of industry. This prevents such chemicals from getting into the water supply or any of the other places where they can cause harm.

In short, using organic baby products is socially responsible, environment friendly, and healthier for the kids in very many ways.
The little differences really do add up.

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Baby care products labeled as organic should contain ingredients that you wouldn’t be afraid to eat. After all, isn’t that how the word organic is interpreted in the natural food industry—to define the purity of food? When we mix our small, pure batches of organic oils, butters and herbals to create our real certified organic baby body care products for you, we’re proud that we use only the healthiest ingredients to make what we think of as organic food for the skin. You’ll love the fresh smells of our cold-pressed organic sunflower and coconut oils, organic cocoa and shea butters, organic marshmallow root, organic chamomile, and organic lavender, vanilla and orange oils. You will be delighted to smell the sweet organic freshness and relieved to feel the distinctive natural quality of our genuine certified organic baby care products on your skin and on your baby. Soft, protective, pure.

A baby's skin is incredibly sensitive, and that's why our have been developed using a wide range of purely natural ingredients. There are no parabens, mineral oils or harmful chemicals like Sodium Lauryth Sulphate (SLS) which you'll often find in shampoos and body wash. We choose all the natural oils and materials for our organic baby products with utmost care, and each one is formulated in the UK under our very strict guidelines.