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If you ask any South African what the best outdoor equipment store is, the answer will most likely always be “Cape Union Mart.” This franchise has stores in all major cities and stocks an excellent range of local and international products, including hiking boots, waterproofs, jackets, torches, navigation devices, sleeping bags and walking sticks. Visit their for more information.

Leading Russian outdoor equipment store RED FOX has officially opened its fancy doors to the adventure and mountaineering enthusiasts of Nepal. The brand which began it’s journey back in 1989 has stores in Russia, Switzerland, USA and now one good looking store in the heart of Kathmandu – Durbar Marg.

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Owners of the outdoor equipment store Vladislav Moroz and Aleksander Glushkovski’s relationship with our Himalayan nation goes a long way back to the days of their difficult Everest expedition as part of the National USSR climbing team. After the Everest experience, the duo combined their knowledge and skills to produce comfortable and high quality jackets by sewing down jackets by themselves. Quite a few of the Red Fox products have names that originate from Nepal including Makalu – a high quality backpack range and others including Lhotse and of course Everest. Red Fox Nepal look forward to support adventure/mountaineering related events in the near future with a likely possibility to explore the production of its goods in Nepal.

reports Marty Parichand, who already operates an outdoor equipment store in Franklin, hopes to install whitewater paddling amenities, a mountain bike pump track, a community garden and an "eco-village" campsite.