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Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Sink into our comfortable Papasan, Thick and Oversized, Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric, Fits Standard 45 inch Round Chair, Chair not included

Too low to display

This Papasan Rattan Chair is ideal for photorealistic visualizations.

Another Reddit user who claims to be the cousin of the man with the motorized papasan chair says news of the device comes as no surprise. He said of the man, “He comes from a long line of pranksters with good senses of humor. I don’t think it’s an act, it’s just who he is.”

According to , a Reddit user posted a photo of couple with the caption, “This guy took his date down Sawtelle Blvd. in his modified papasan electric wheelchair!”

Porcelain Micro Suede Papasan Chair Cushion World Market

Single papasan cushion COVER (unfilled)

Papasan 42 Rattan Chair with Cushion 3312MS XX

Love this!!! I am a sucker for a papason chair! I found two of the biggest papasan chairs at Goodwill! Of course, I hesitated and they weren’t there when I went back. Bummer.

I would first like to start with the big ticket item. This . Frankly, I am a sucker for a papasan chair. Always have been, always will be, and for two reasons.