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Pedors Womens Classic Black Neoprene Walking Shoes 9 C/D US Women / 7 2E US Mens

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Pedors® shoes are the solution for foot care health

Often referred to as the Pedors “Bunion and Corn” shoe, the Vienna has two stretch panels, one on the medial side for a bunion, the other on the lateral side for a corn. The upper material is super-soft Napa leather and the shoe features a removable insert to allow for custom orthotics.

The boots are very lightweight and waterproof for ankle deep snow or rain protection. Orthopedically, the boot offers additional ankle support and can accommodate ankle bracing and or orthotics when necessary.

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“Since implementing UPS Capital Cargo Finance into our supply chain, we have realized significant cash flow improvements and have streamlined the flow of goods within our supply chain,” said John O’Hare, CEO of Pedors, a Georgia company that has been using the service to finance imports for its orthopedic footwear business. “The best part is that we have strengthened our relationship with our Chinese supplier, enabling us to negotiate better terms because, with the help of UPS Capital, we are able to pay our supplier immediately rather than later in the transaction. As a small-business owner, having extra working capital can make all the difference as we look to grow and expand our business.”

I've had severe rheumatoid arthritis for many many years and have worn special custom made orthopedic shoes for the last ten years. Since they are so expensive, I can only afford one pair at a time, which I wore every where I've gone- from play days with my grandchildren to church or even to formal Christmas parties with my husband. Soon after I started wearing those custom made shoes, I realized I should change my way of dressing to camouflage and to make less visible those huge "monsters". Gone were the dresses, the skirts, the light color pants or the bermuda or cropped pants. All I wore were jeans and black pants. I live in FL and I dread the Summers!!! I never thought I'd be able to wear any other shoe for the rest of my life unless I did major surgeries in my feet and I was trying to avoid that, after having so many other necessary surgeries. Well, my podiatrist recommended me these shoes, which he described to me as the closest in comfort to the custom made. Reluctantly but with a bit of wishful thinking I ordered these. I got them yesterday and wore them the whole entire day!!! No one can really imagine what a wonderful feeling I had the whole day (and everytime I think about it). Shoes are such an important part of a woman's wardrobe. Now I look at my closet and see all those dresses and skirts and crop pants that I haven't worn in years but saved some "just in case I ever decided to have THE surgeries. I don't have to, now!!! For the first time in like 7-10 years I'll go to church on Sunday with a skirt on. I'll go out right now with my granddaughter to her bllet class with my cropped pants and my beautiful Mary Janes!!! Pus, they are so affordable that I'll be able to have different color and styles - not just the huge black shoes which went everywhere with me and served their purpose but people would see the shoes first before seeing me. The Mary Janes are so comfortable. I have a huge hammer toe that seems like it wants to fly and my custom shoes had to have a huge space like a box inside, in order to fit the toe but the go inside this shoe, even with the inside sole that comes with the shoe and my toes don't touch anywhere in the shoe. I have multiple deformities in my feet and they fir perfectly in these shoe. I regret that I didn't find these before and that I didn't have a podiatrist with a mind open to suggest something more practical for someone like me. Thank you, thatnk you Pedors for thinking of people like me. I came back online now to see which other shoes I can wear. I think the clog will be next. Or maybe this same style in another color... or maybe... Ok, I have some decisions to make... Thanks for giving me this good feeling again!!!