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That’s right, Poo Dough! And here’s how it’s described by its makes on their website:

Liquid Ass

Too low to display

Sky Rocket Prank Star Poo Dough


Poo Dough! At Walmart and Fine Stores Everywhere

I have to admit, the whole time I was writing this blog my husband and I were laughing about it, so it’s good for an adult laugh, but this “toy” was available with all the other toys in the toy department. This blog wasn’t meant to offend, if you bought it for your child I’m sure it will be a source of conversation during the gift opening. I was merely bringing up the fact that toys have certainly changed drastically since I bought an Easy Bake Oven and a Barbie Airplane for my daughter. She LOVED play dough, but I know I never would have gotten her Poo Dough.

Poo Dough is part of the Prank Star line of prank toys put out by Skyrocket Toys last Fall. This is obviously the best in the series though. I mean, come on, it looks JUST like poop. True, this toy might not be super educational , but it is fun. (Did I mention it bares a strong resemblance to POOP?)

Poo Dough? Seriously, Have We Run Out Of Toy Ideas?

Poo Dough. Who does this? : WTF - reddit

Poo Dough practical joke is one of the grossest poop pranks. You can make real looking poop with Poo Doh Play-Doh by Prank Star. Who will you prank? Poo Dough looks like real poop but smells much better. Add peanut and corn shapes to your poop.

Please Like & Subscribe! Playdoh How to make Poo Dough Poop using Play-Doh by Disney Cars Toy Club. This is a great gag gift for poop pranks and it comes with 2 cans of brown and 1 can of yellow poo doh. For more Play Doh Episodes/Videos make sure you subscribe.

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