Propel 12 Foot Extreme Trampoline with Enclosure

Kinetic Trampolines K12-6BE Trampoline with Enclosure, Blue, 12-Feet


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Want an extreme trampoline in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard? Maybe you're tired of your children begging you to take them to the trampoline park week after week--- not to mention the toll those trampoline parks can take on your finances. Or maybe you want an alternative activity that your kid can do besides watching television or playing video games. Well now you can have one with the Propel 12 foot trampoline with enclosure. However, this trampoline is ideal for the whole family--- not just the kids.

I never wanted a trampoline for my kids after too many of my own fingers being pinched in the springs and too many times of falling of the edge after a big bounce. Oh the 80s! Trampolines have come a long way since then! I absolutely love the Propel 12 foot Trampoline with Enclosure. This safety net has rekindled my love for jumping!
I have two small children and was always terrified of them jumping on a trampoline. The covered springs and tall enclosure totally put my mind at ease.
The legs of the trampoline are sturdy and have done well on our uneven backyard. They have not sunk into the ground even in the rainiest weather. We get some pretty extreme wind here, but there are no rips or tears in the enclosure. I have been so impressed by how well my Propel trampoline has held up.
The twelve foot size is perfect for my family even when my boys have friends over to jump.

Propel Trampolines 12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure ..

enclosed trampoline features an enclosure for safety, ..