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I purchased a RatTail Antenna Booster from Microsec Research ..

Because the Rattail Antenna Booster attaches to the , unlike other devices that connect to the BNC connector, the RatTail cannot damage the antenna or BNC mounting. If it gets pulled it simply pops off the radio without doing any harm. Made in Canada.

Enter the Rattail antenna booster. I figured I had nothing to lose for twenty-five bucks: nothing else was working for me. The folks at Microsec were very helpful in customizing mine for 222 MHz, and I got it in the mail within a week or so. Initial tests were inconclusive, but I didn't give up. I ran an on-the-air test today and proved that I could hit my favourite repeater on 0.5 watts instead of the usual 5 watts, and still be readable. Removing the Rattail took me totally out of the picture and I couldn't even key up the machine!

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RatTail VHF Antenna Booster - It Really Works

The Rattail Antenna Booster is a small pocket sized device that clips onto an emergency VHF handheld radio. It doubles the range of the radio typically. It was invented by Ian Soutar, Ed Haslam, Barbara Soutar and Jim Rawling of Vancouver Island Canada. It is patented by the inventors and produced by Microsec R&D Inc. .
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