Seared Steak with Red Guajillo Sauce


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this dish is all about the sauce

The Guajillo Chiles thin, deep-red flesh delivers a delicious green tea flavor with slight berry overtones. Combined with vine-ripened tomatoes, our Red Guajillo Chile Sauce has a tangy, fruity finish with mild heat. Label Serving Suggestion is Guajillo Shrimp.

Juicy steak marinated in blackberry preserves and HERDEZ® Red Guajillo Cooking Sauce paired with onions and grilled are perfect for any summer barbeque.

Dried guajillo chiles are rarely featured by themselves

  • For a less spicy soup, only use half the jar of red guajillo chile sauce, or add to taste. For additional seasoning, add more chicken bouillon or other seasonings such as cumin, chili powder, salt, or pepper if desired.
  • Rick Bayless | Guajillo Chilaquiles

    The menu: Everything we tried was extremely tasty, including crunchy fried-wonton-style pescadillas (don’t neglect their pickled red onions and green salsa; $4 for two); olive-oil-bathed sardines on Macrina bread (evocative of Spain, $4 each); and grilled octopus with tiny, tender potatoes in a smoky, subtly spicy, brick-red guajillo chili sauce (plenty for $10, the highest price on the menu).