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Pool Cues: How To Replace A Stick's Tip Yourself

Welcome to CueWorks, etc.! We appreciate your visit and are ready to be your NE Florida source for billiard . You may view video clips and images of all the steps taken in replacing your pool cue tip, and machining a ferrule and installing it properly.

If you enjoy playing pool and have played for any length of time, you have probably experienced the unpleasant challenge of playing with a pool cue tip that has flattened out or, even worse, a tip that has come off of the pool cue. Knowing how to repair your pool cue tip could come in very handy in times like these. It is actually a very simple thing to repair.

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  • Sharp Knife or Blade: In order to replace a pool cue tip yourself, you will need a very sharp razor blade or knife to remove the old tip and scrape off any remaining glue. It should go without saying to be very careful when using a sharp knife.
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    While this kit contains the items needed to repair a pool cue tip, the quality of the products are of marginal quality. Spend a little extra and buy quality separates.

    All pool cue stick repairs and pool cue stick tip installations, pool cue stick refinishing, etc are done on premesis and in many instances while you wait.