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To completely clear closet floors, consider a hanging shoe rack. Some of these products hang from closet rods, while others attach to the back of a door. Many rod-style hanging shoe organizers are made from soft fabrics that won't scuff shoe finishes, and hanging door organizers are an excellent way to add out-of-the-way storage to small apartment closets. Pocket-style shoe storage solutions can also double as storage for socks or small personal accessories. You can even use them to store kid's toys, pantry items or cleaning supplies.

The biggest advantage of using shoe racks is the extra storage space they add to closets. Usually, shoes are consigned to a narrow strip of floor below hanging clothes, effectively wasting precious vertical storage space. Metal, plastic and wooden shoe racks add shelves that put this area to good use, doubling or tripling shoe storage. For larger shoe collections, taller shoe storage solutions with many adjustable shelves provide even more space, and they can accommodate shoes and boots of varying sizes. Shoe organizers are also an excellent way to keep gardening shoes or galoshes organized in the garage or mud room.

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Check out some awesome shoe storage solutions for a bedroom or closet space that will help keep a growing shoe collection organized and more manageable. We offer great shoe organizers including over-the-door shoe racks that utilize the unused space on the back of a door, and hanging shoe organizers that can be hung right alongside clothing on a closet rod. If your household entryway gets a lot of traffic, check out our selection of free standing shoe racks, including a number with a stacking design, and heavy duty shoe cubbies that are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Use travel shoe bags to protect your dress shoes from wear and tear.

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If floor space is a serious issue wherever you plan to store your shoes, then buy an over-door shoe rack. Over-door shoe racks usually hang over a closet or bedroom door and have either slots in which to tuck shoes or knobs from which to hang shoes. While over-door shoe racks probably aren't ideal for entryways, they can be a good shoe storage solution in bedrooms or small apartments.

If you only need to store a few shoes, then a shoe rack may work best for you. A typical shoe storage rack is a set of tiered shelves that sit close to the floor. Shoe racks allow you to keep several pairs of shoes stored neatly in a small area, the perfect thing for a bedroom or entryway that doesn't see a lot of traffic. Shoe storage racks come in a variety of different finishes, so it's easy to find one that matches your decor.