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Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)


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Versacart designs, manufactures and distributes a unique and comprehensive line of grocery and retail shopping carts, hand baskets and material handling equipment.
We work with our customers to create products and systems that meet their specific needs.
The focus of our design process is to help customers increase sales and productivity while enhancing the user experience.
We are committed to producing products of the highest quality, safety and value.

We have those with tv's in them here. I tried it once thinking he would stay in it and thus make it worth it's cumbersome-ness. No dice.
I hate, hate, hate those. Almost as much as the miniature shopping carts kids run around the store pushing like maniacs until they run into your achilles.

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And what sort of innovative shopping cart did such a supportive and nurturingenvironment produce? The I-Mac of shopping carts: an underbuilt rollingrack for plastic hand baskets with attached scanner and luxury accommodationsfor a single child. ("The Children! The Children! What about theChildren!") Incidentally, one of the design parameters for the Brave NewShopping Cart was to make it all but worthless to the homeless.

Apparently Bideo' s humanism doesn't embrace adults with incomes under$50K. Bideo's creation would probably accommodate the food hauling needsof urban singles strolling through Bon Appetit in search of Gorgonzolaand Arugula. More typically suburban encounters with fifty pound bags ofdog food and Chevy Blazers would likely leave this hothouse engineeringexercise a crippled tangle of metal tubing. because the classic, fully matured designs havebest stood the test of the real world. Unlike bicycles, shopping cartsare units of fleet purchase by pragmatic business folk, a situation thattempers any allure spiffy form may enjoy over long term function. All thepretentious fresh thinking Stanford's prodigal sons and daughters can musterwill never displace solid, conscientious engineering.