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Flexible smartphones may be coming sooner than you think

Based on the way Samsung is describing its newer technology, however, it sounds like you'll be able to actually fold and bend future phones. Of course, developing a bendable screen is only half the battle — manufacturers still need to find a way to make processors, batteries, and all the other components inside smartphones flexible too. and have both already started working on batteries that can bend and fold.

After all these years of research and development, the flexible display smartphone might soon become reality. Samsung is already to bring its first smartphone with flexible display this month and we even from the companies executives, regarding their plans to introduce a curved display smartphone.

Samsung's Flexible Smartphone Screens

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    One suggested use of the novel smartphone is flexing it, so the elements open up and then grab on to the user's clothing, thus eliminating the need for additional straps.

    ¿Imaginas un smartphone totalmente flexible que puedes usarlo como brazalete? Podría llegar a existir y ser funcional gracias a este concepto llamado Blu, el wearable flexible.