Meat Smoking Machine Introduction

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker


Smoke machines can be so very helpful finding leaks

Whether you’re a Green Egg, propane, charcoal or electric smokin’ type, I bet you enjoy cooking for us ladies once in a while. (what about cook for her this Valentine’s day??) Here’s the smoke machine:

The 1500 watt smoke machine is a little bit more powerful than the 1300 watt Hurricane machine, but is a little bit bulkier and noisier. Regardless, it will still fill a large room in seconds with thick clouds of smoke!

I found it extremely helpful for me to build my own smoke machine.

Portable Smoke Machines - The ROCKET

Smoke machine Antari Z1000 (rent)

But many times that won’t be the case, there may be a leak. Now, how do you find a leak? Well for that you use a smoke machine, such as we have here. We’ve got the machine turned on, we’re feeding smoke into the EVAP system, and we simply follow along the tubing and so on to see where the smoke comes out. In this particular case, we have a pinhole right here that is leaking smoke. That means that little rubber elbow is bad, it has failed due to age and road debris, different things like that. .. needs to be replaced. Now, in many cases the holes will be so small you cannot see them without the smoke. So the lesson here is to be sure before you take your car into a repair shop, you ask them if they have a smoke machine, so they can properly and effectively check the EVAP system on your car.

The Chauvet Hurricane 1300watt Smoke machine is ideal for any situation. The hurricane is powerful enough to use in club situations and concerts, but also small enough to bring along to a birthday party or school ball.