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The Spy Gear Door Alarm lets you protect your room by sounding an alarm if anyone intrudes.

SpyX / Micro Gear Set

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The Spy Gear Dart Trap catches intruders by surprise using a motion-triggered release system!

Spy Gear - Night Goggles

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Don’t just speak to your fellow Spy, watch them with the all new Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies.

Spy Gear - Video WalkieTalkies

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Spy Gear - Door Alarm


Spy Gear - The Leader in Secret Agent and Special Ops Gear

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Political intrigue and espionage are nothing new. But in the days before high-tech spy gear, the work of spies looked far different than it does today. The lives of 15th- and 16th-century spies were filled with intrigue, backstabbing, and bizarre machinations, though, because the human race has not changed all that much.

Many secret missions require top agents to work in dark settings. Within the arsenal of spy gear and gadgets, not many tools are as useful as a good pair of night vision goggles. This night vision scope works day or night. By day, spy faraway objects with red surveillance lenses. At night, pop up the spotlight beam for increased visibility.