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Squier guitars and basses are among the most popular instruments sold online and in guitar shops around the world. A couple of things account for this. For one, they are inexpensive instruments, with many models costing under $200. This makes them accessible to beginning guitarists, or even experienced players looking for a solid foundation for a project guitar.

Another reason Squier guitars are so popular is the Fender name. Since Squier is owned by Fender, arguably the most successful guitar company in the world, you know when you get a Squier it is something more than an average beginner's guitar.

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Though there are negatives, it isn’t fair to completely dismiss Squier guitars. While the points above are certainly true of the Bullet, Affinity and Standard lines, it’s tough to find a better guitar out there for the price. If you have around $200 to spend, Squier is your best bet, and will provide the highest value for your money.

There are a bunch of Squier guitars that, when put together with a small-wattage practice amp, make in inexpensive first rig for a beginning guitarist for around $300. Fender also produces affordable Stop Dreaming Start Playing starter packs, which contain a Squier guitar, a Fender amplifier and all the accessories you need to get started playing.