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Strait Talk is resolving the Taiwan Strait conflict in three steps:

that means my service plan, with all the time added up, should expire 3/4/15. of course, since NO ONE at STRAIGHT TALK has any idea of what they are doing (they barely speak/understand English).

Do NOT order your phone online from Straight Talk. They sent me a defective phone (LG Optimus Ultimate) that would not move beyond “security error” when I tried to turn it on. I wasn’t surprised because the phone seemed cheap right out of the box. I was forced to pay for the postage myself, including the tracking that ST requires or no refund, to return the phone! So they sent me a defective phone, and because I didn’t want it replaced with another piece of crap phone, I got to spend $15 to send it back! Nice customer service!

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Straight Talk SIM does not work with the $30 All You Need Plan.

i have cricket and very happy with it…i have unlimited talk, text, and 2.5gb of data…after that its throttled….i don,t pay the $50 that straight talk is , but i pay $53…also, what walmart does not have, is that i also applied for loan at cricket(not part of cricket), and was approved for $2000 toward phoens, and my credit is not that good…….going to stay with cricket, which soon will probably be at&t….and then get the lte speed……

In the prepaid world, where minutes of talk time are often still a metered item on a plan, it’s not uncommon to see phones that promise a boost to minutes when topping up, usually to the tune of double or even triple, that lasts for either the lifetime of the phone or the length of the customer’s time with the carrier. It stands to reason, then, that the same thing would eventually happen with , in this day and age. Straight Talk customers now have such an option available to them, attached to a fairly price-conscious entry-level smartphone.