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NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe


Soar through the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope, ..

I have been buying alot of astronomy and telescope books of late--primarily to augment my new telescope. This is one of the better ones , since it is really much more substantive than the "cheerleading" books that are more useful at gracing the coffee table than the accessory tray of a telescope in use. The major plus feature for me is the format of the illustrations , which show the objects through a mirror type diagonal. Most , if not all , observations by amateur astronomers use this convention these days. The author goes into adequate detail on double star observing : measurement of position angle and seperationare very well explained.

I have found a few different astronomy and telescope books that are totally free. They are in a couple of different formats including the kindle format and epub. You don't have to actually have a kindle to read the kindle books though. They have a nice little free kindle program for your computer. You can get that free application right here: Most of the links below will take you directly to the amazon site where you can download the book.

An eBook is an electronic book that can be read on tablets ..

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