IEC-610 Touch screen monitor, 10.4" TFT LCD, 10.4" touch screen, VGA

ASUS VT207N 19.5-Inch Screen Touchscreen LED-Lit Monitor


LG 23ET83 Touchscreen monitor – touch display

See below to learn more about our desktop touch screen monitor. Most of AccuView's monitors (, , , and ) can be applied as a touch screen monitor. for more information on which touch screen monitor solutions can fit your interactive project.

The Dell S2240T is a 22.1 inch LED touchscreen monitor. Certainly looks striking and presents well. For commercial display where impressions matter, this display will do well for serving interactive contents.

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LG 23ET83 Touchscreen monitor – rear ports

  • Windows 8 Compatible Touch Screen Monitor
  • LG 23ET83 Touchscreen monitor – onscreen configurations

    I need to replace my PC setup at home, so your article on was really great for me. Currently the PC is only used by the children for accessing the web, running Minecraft, iTunes, playing The Sims etc. I would really like to try using a touchscreen monitor to get the best out of Windows 8. I am aware of the , but after using an iPad, I find myself prodding all computer screens with an (unrealistic) expectation that something should happen.

    Touch screen monitors can be used to in-put information and receive information from a single peripheral device (usually a monitor screen). Instead of using a keyboard or mouse, you can easily input data directly and you can also receive information in the same way.