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UV light plays a major role in car repair, as it helps auto technicians to pinpoint leak sources in air conditioning, fuel, and oil delivery systems. Auto parts stores have UV lights for sale, and their stock usually includes UV flashlights and light boards specifically designed for use in the auto repair industry. These usually come with a pair of UV-enhancing orange glasses that are helpful in determining small leaks. For other uses, a UV flashlight will be all that is needed for reading secret notes, finding a car leak, and determining if paper money or a credit card is counterfeit.

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Whether they are intended for a party light, an air or water cleaner, or for medical benefits, UV lights can be a little difficult to find at some online or offline retailers. Some models of UV lights are sold as flashlights, light boards, water filters, and many other items. However, if consumers know where to go, they can easily purchase UV lights for sale.