I hope they bring back tha Vanilla Pepsi soon miss it

Pepsi Made with Real Sugar, Vanilla Mini-Cans (8 Count, 7.5 Fl Oz Each)

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Vanilla Pepsi made with sugar Review (throwback) - YouTube

The thought of pepsi ice cream or perhaps other soda flavored ice cream sounds like an interesting idea to an ice cream lover but as a non soda drinker vanilla Pepsi doesn’t thrill me.

So Pepsi Ice Cream is the same as Pepsi Vanilla….hmmm, I’ll have to get the lowdown on that from our Russian daughter-in-law. I love Vanilla Pepsi – no wonder I haven’t seen it lately; didn’t know they stopped making it. It was great to make sodas with TH Vanilla ice cream. Now I’ll have to resort to buying Vanilla Coke.

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Diet Vanilla Pepsi 6 Pack $2.95 **DISCONTINUED**
Diet Vanilla Pepsi 12 Pack **DISCONTINUED**

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Vanilla Coke,
Vanilla Pepsi kinda sucks, and if you think vanilla coke is too strong. Come on now think of that. A vanilla flavored cola is too strong for you. What kinda pussy fart are you.

Pepsi Ice Cream…what an interesting idea. But, I agree with a previous comment: Turkey Hill Vanilla and Pepsi would make a great float. (the sweetness of the Pepsi and the amazing creaminess and luscious taste of the Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream. It almost makes you want to run out to the store and buy some.