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Word game lovers can enjoy two options for wall-mounted Scrabble. The covers nearly 50 square feet and comes with wall-mounted tile storage and birch tile racks that are six feet long and lined with felt. If you can’t afford this hand-made, $12,000 piece of art, they offer a magnetic tile “Walk-By Scrabble Board” for a price comparable to the standard board game. The magnetic version includes an integral dry-erase board and hooks to hang simple magnetic tile racks. Like the vertical chessboard, it works for play-as-you-go games with different family members walking past the board at different times.

Outside 777 Third Avenue is an oversized red swing in the shape of a piano lid. Nearby, a blank wall facing 767 Third Avenue became a giant vertical chessboard, with moving pieces.

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Given its price-point and innovative design, this is a niche, high-end product: perhaps, appealing most to connoisseurs and collectors, as well as those looking for something unique and unusual. In conclusion,there is an eternal chess debate as to whether the game itself is about science [accuracy, calculation] or art [creativity, intuition]; the vertical chessboard, from , with is beautifully engineered design – is both.

"The Vertical Chess Set by Hammacher Schlemmer is a wall-mounted chess set with a vertical chessboard. The playing pieces rest on acrylic shelves. The vertical design keeps the game out of the way, presumably allowing a chess game to go own indefinitely."