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Vanco VGA-VGA-50MFX S-VGA Male to Female Cable (50 Feet)

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We take your visual experience to an elevated level with our SVGA range, which support higher resolutions of up to 2048 x 1586p. When compared to basic-VGA cables these are shielded within a ferrite core or a braided shield, whereas VGA cables lie within a foil shield. Using these VGA and SVGA cables you can upgrade your display device resolution and enhance your device’s display standards. We have an array of VGA & SVGA cables in manifold combinations of the attached connectors. They are available in male-to- female VGA or male-to- male VGA connectors, with varying lengths of the cable. SVGAs are also available as triple shielded male-to- male or female-to- female connectors. The triple shield prevents signal losses, enhances graphics, reduces screen ghosting and also prevents loss of color. SVGA cables can be used on any VGA monitor to upgrade the display characteristics and to augment resolution."

As formerly stated, the VGA and SVGA cables deliver analog video signals from a device to the display monitor. Therefore no, neither of them is able of carrying digital sounds. However, if you connect a non-analog wire like a DVI cable for instance, it doesn't mean it won't show the image, but rather that the quality of the display won't exceed its SVGA or VGA limitations.


  • 1 x 15 Pin HD VGA SVGA Male to Male Gender Changer Adapter

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The VGA and SVGA wires can be recognized because of the well-known 15-pin setup, which imply three rows, two lines of 5 pins and one of only 4 pins located in the middle. To be more precise, the three first pins are reserved for the primary colors (red, blue and green, hence the name), the next three have the role of providing ground for that color, while the rest are responsible for both vertical and horizontal synchronization. The 15th pin was incorporated later on by VESA and has the role of carrying a power supply to the monitor. Due to their identical 15-pin setup, a SVGA cable will work equally well with any older VGA port.

Thanks for your attention to our products. “The quantity first, prestige the first, service first” is our eternal aim, so we will satisfy you with facts. This 50 FT VGA SVGA Male to Male Cable Black is perfect for laptops to display on a separate, larger monitor and is used for short distance applications only. Laptops will not go well without these extension cables for their high-speed data transfer and an easy quick transfer to your laptop or another audio video device. The series products have been impressing users and are therefore popular with them by the durable, practical, anti-interference advantages and so on.