VOSS Sparkling Water from Norway - nice! at our "VIP" table.

VOSS Artesian Water (Still), 330ml Plastic Bottles (Pack of 12)


Five light chandelier made from #recycled Voss water bottles

World Market sells Voss Sparkling water in reusable bottles, just add some cola flavored Stevia and you've got a fancy healthy Soda! (Go like Rock Fitness on FB for more ideas like this)

In 2007, magazine rated Voss first among several bottled waters. However, in tests sponsored by Finland's national broadcasting company, , three blindfolded wine experts rated Voss water lowest of the six waters tested, which included public tap water.

Voss water... in a GLASS bottle.

Love this and make it a home all the time in my Voss water bottle

The company's cylindrical glass bottle was designed by Neil Kraft. Voss claims its manufacturing process is completely . In the US, VOSS still water is also packaged in plastic bottles that retain the cylindrical design.

Sensory bottles! They used Voss water bottles. Not sure where to find them but any water bottle will work. use mineral oil for a way to slow down the materials in the bottle. I usually do 2/3 water to 1/3 oil. Can also do just rice and small objects for I-Spy bottles.