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Meet the Man Behind Walmart’s Halloween Candy

Every year, these retail rapists shelf Halloween Candy closer to Summer as Christmas Candy inches closer to Thanksgiving. Soon enough, NEXT year’s Christmas candy will be available THIS Christmas. ‘Tis a new high (low) in the very cruddy, Douchey business of using Holidays to milk money out of dry teats: It’s still over a MONTH until Valentines Day. V-Day candy is just arriving, as expected. Problem is, across the aisle from the STILL NOT FULLY STOCKED Walmart candy Valentines Day candy aisle, are piles of Easter candy. Walmart candy sales will certainly raise them from being on the edge of bankruptcy. I mean, they must be broke, right? There is no way that company is profitable if they are that desperate. They can’t possibly be the biggest corporation ever. Eh?

So don’t buy Walmart candy. Go to your local grocer. Go to your local whatever that sells candy, ‘cuz Walmart candy is certainly no better than the candy anywhere else. And when you buy Walmart candy, you just validate the marketing tactics of those greedy Walmart scumbags. Don’t support it! They will only listen if enough people speak, and the only language they understand is MONEY.

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UPDATE: You may want to try this deal in a little bit