whatchamacallits to connect the two patch cords.

WHATCHAMACALLIT Candy Bar (1.6-Ounce Bars, Pack of 36)


Yep, I want these. Today. I love whatchamacallit candy bars!

If you’re curious about the name, these Whatchamacallit Krispie Treats were inspired by the Whatchamacallit candy bar. A is a “peanut flavored crisp with a layer of caramel, and covered in milk chocolate.” These Whatchamacallit Krispie Treats have all the same flavors and textures of the delicious candy bar…. and you can make them at home anytime you want! In fact, I like this Krispie Treat version even better than the candy bar!

Dream Prom Memory Makers – Every girl should have a 'senior year' book of memories! Picking out a prom dress is one of the memories that will make it into the book - thanks to Whatchamacallit Fashions!

We were impressed by the service, selection and friendliness of all the staff. A special thanks to Athena for her expertise in alterations - that's what really makes the dress.

The dresses are beautiful!

My daughter chose a very regal looking soft pink, beaded, strapless, a-line dress that is sweeps the ground. In addition, she was chose a pair of silver rhinestone studded evening shoes (she will wear those for years to come) that compliment her dress perfectly.

The look is stunning and very appropriate for a young women who has acheived a very special milestone!

Our experience was nothing short of fantastic. They treated us all with respect and with excellent service - the only thing missing was some tea for all the moms, grandmas, aunts and friends. Oh and there were plenty of dads there too - helping out there daughters.... hats off to the dads and to the wonderful staff at Whatchamacall it for giving them extra attentiong - if you are a little observant - it doesn't go unnoticed.

This may not be a bargain basement store but the quality of the gown is outstanding and nothing I could have found in any department store (at least not at the same prices - if you compare apples to apples - this quality of dress would have cost double at any mall deparment store).

Most of all - the price was well worth making a life long memory - it's not just the dress or prom night but the entire process - from the beginning of senior year right through to graduation. It only happens once in a life time and if you're lucky enough to get to this point with your teenager - then don't spare a dime - it's a memory of a life time... not just for her but for the whole family.

Keep making memories and best wishes class of 2009!!!!

Oh wow. I love whatchamacallits! super yum!

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• “Caramel is king. The Whatchamacallit still reigns supreme.”

Best people providing the best service with the best selection. – We went to Whatchamacallit knowing that this time of year can be crazy when looking for a prom dress. If you know that going in, you will always be successful at Whatchamacallit. They have a tremendous selection and superb service. You have to be patient. My daughter is almost 5?11? and thin so finding clothes that fit, much less formal dresses, is a challenge. Whatchamacallit is the first place we looked and found what she needed almost immediately.

I will recommend Whatchamacallit to anyone that is looking for dresses. The staff and selection can?t be beat. Additionally, the owner is a fantastic supporter of the community.

Shopped & Worked there – 1st of all I don't see how the bizzness is still going. I used to work there and I did inventory. People who buy there are crazy. Those dresses /clothes are marked @ least 5 times what he paid for them. The owner is a..i don't want to call names but he thinks he is a big shot and is full of himself. There is nothing but illegal immigrants working there and a lot of the clothes have been there forever because they are over priced. The workers are treated like slaves-no breaks at all, no sitting, and no time off for anything. He(Bill the owner) fired a lady who had been there a while after she called in b/c child was sick said: she'll be alright she doesn't take care of her anyways! BSTRD! Anyhow if you buy ANYTHING there your buying "fried ice cream." $1,2,300 dresses are been sold to customers for $9, 1000, or even more. Hey I know you have to keep your business going but ripping people off is another thing. So remember when ur shopping st "Whatchamacalit" and feeling 1st class remember coach. LOL