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This is a killer feature that no other widely available pencil can match. The ratcheting internal mechanism means that the lead is constantly rotating itself, so less time is spent adjusting your pencil and more time is spent just straight up writing. More important, your lines are always even and at their sharpest—no more lines getting fatter and fatter as you work your way down the page. Some have also noted that it reduces lead breakage, which is most likely due to more evenly spreading the force on the lead—it’s not always pressing hard on exactly the same place.

After surveying more than a thousand people, interviewing six pencil experts, and looking at more than 120 different models, the best mechanical pencil for most people is the . Its unique rotating mechanism means that you’ll constantly be using the sharpest part of the lead, which means your writing will look neater, your lines will be even, your symbols will be more precise, and your lead won’t be as prone to breaking. It makes for a more even and precise writing experience—and that’s something no other widely available pencil can boast.

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