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NewBull White Remote Controller And Nunchuck for Nintendo Wii&Wii U


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For sports games the Wii remote controller will be held in a way that the player will mimic the motions of real life action. For example, in baseball the WiiMote will be held like a bat and swung to hit the ball, and players will mimic the motion of throwing the ball when pitching. For racing games, the Wii controller is held in a sideways position with hands on both sides of the remote to mimic a steering wheel.

The Wii Nunchuk controller also features motion sensing and acts as a control stick attachment. One of the most popular types of games to use the Wii Nunchuk controller is boxing. In this instance the player will hold the WiiMote in their right hand and the Wii Nunchuk in their left hand to simulate punches being thrown by either hand. This is also used frequently in first person shooter games where the Wii controller is in the right hand and is used to spot your target, aim, and fire your weapon while the Wii Nunchuk controller is held in the left hand and slightly lifted to reload the weapon, as well as providing steering ability when needed.

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  • Why not use the aforementioned Wii U Pro?  Your thumbs rest on the analog sticks, making it good for playing FPS games and controlling 3D cameras, but not for using the D-pad and buttons.
  • Why not use the Classic Controller? It’s bulky, like the other Wii U controllers, and having a Wiimote dangling off the end is just ridiculous.
  • Why not use the Wiimote on its side?  The D-pad is small, and there are simply not enough buttons.

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As an alternative to the Wii remote controller and Wii Nunchuk controller, some games provide the player with the ability to use a GameCube controller. These are usually more traditional games, such as Mario Kart, that do not work well with the standard Wii controller. While the standard Wii controllers are wireless, the GameCube controller is not and must be plugged into the console in order to be useful. Having a GameCube controller for games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl can enhance the experience of playing the game and make it much easier to play the game well.

The WiiMote is the basic Wii remote controller and works well with many standard racing games as well as first person shooter games. This basic controller can pose some problems, however, when playing games that require quick movements that take place in a matter of seconds, such as fighting games. The standard Wii remote controller is basically just a one-hand motion-sensing controller. It works well for standard party and puzzle games, as well as racing games and some sports games. Depending on the game being played, the Wii controller will have to be held in different positions.