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Pampers Softcare Baby Fresh Wipes 7x box, 504 Count


Baby wipes are an indispensible part of baby care

I try to remember wipes, too, but it’s possible to wipe your baby’s butt with toilet paper. Just like you wipe your own butt with toilet paper. It’s nice to have a change of clothes for the kid, but that’s optional because babies are cute when they’re naked.

We use the cloth wipes with just water. They work great! I use the peri bottle when we are out and about. I do keep a pack of travel disposable wipes if we are leaving baby with a sitter or family that refuses to use the cloth wipes or diapers. My husband hated the idea of cloth diapers in the beginning. But I splurged and bought the OS pocket diapers (they look and work like disposables- you just throw them in the bag instead of the trash) and my husband was less freaked out by it. Now it’s not a big deal to him. Since most people buy diapers and wipes for baby showers, I asked for one cloth diaper and/or set of cloth wipes instead.

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1) Thick,etra soft & gentle wet wipes are available in different scents leaving the skin feeling refreshed and fragrant for a long time.
2) Extra absorbnet wet wipes contain antibacterial &antiseptic properties to protect the babies from germs,leaving baby's skin smooth and sily soft.
3)Useful as a smart&effective option for moisturizing and sanitizing baby's hands, mouth&general body as well as cleaning baby's teether,toys&utensils.
4)Gentle enough to use at every nappy change or at feeding and play times.
5)Each wipe contain baby lotion that helps to prevent causes of nappy rash, giving the baby good comfort.
6)Specially formulated to ensure the health of baby's delicate & sensitive skin and maintain complete well being of baby.

up & up™ baby wipes are large, durable and ultra soft

When your baby is born, hospitals recommend that you use plain water to wipe your baby's skin because disposable baby wipes can be harsh on tender new skin. If your baby has a rash, disposable baby wipes can actually make the skin more irritated!