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HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing, Instant Ink ready (F0V69A)


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A small, but quickly growing, number of printers employ Wi-Fi Direct (or its equivalent), a technology that has the potential to greatly simplify wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi Direct-enabled computers and printers can easily connect with each other over a direct, peer-to-peer connection without requiring a wireless access point. A newer and even more direct wireless printing method is Near Field Communication (NFC), in which one has only to touch a compatible mobile device to an NFC-enabled printer for printing to commence.

This small, wireless photo printer produces high-quality 4x6-inch prints. The print packs are somewhat expensive, but this is currently the best snapshot-printing solution that’s both wireless and lightweight.

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    Although wireless printers have been available for about a decade, it's only in the past several years that they've come into their own. Most home printers have Wi-Fi capability, many of them eschewing wired networking for it, though some have both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Many business also come with Wi-Fi enabled, and we're seeing more with either standard or optional Wi-Fi as well. (Optional Wi-Fi can cost anywhere from $40 to $300, so be sure to factor that into the price.)

    The advent of broadband speed networking for home and office has revolutionize the way we work. We can now move around with our tablets, laptops, phones, and other new devices like glasses always connected to the local network and Internet. Until recently printers were not wireless devices, mainly because of the technical challenges of large files clogging up the wireless network as we printed large documents. However, these challenges are largely overcome, and printing using shared wireless printers is fast becoming common in the home and office. However, given the cost of replacement ink cartridges, printer ink is still far more expensive per liter than the most expensive champagne, so think twice before printing. Ideally before you buy, work out how many pages you will print, and calculate the cost per page based on the printer’s duty cycle. Use that as a key metric when you compare printers. We’ve set out below our view of the 10 best wireless printers of 2015.