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Overall, Woman Rider is a great magazine that serves a very useful function, namely catering to an overlooked group of motorcyclists. While this magazine is targeted for the needs of women, men can enjoy it as well. It’s main strength may also be criticized by some as its main weakness, specifically that it doesn’t provide a lot of information on . But Woman Rider smartly recognizes that there are plenty of magazines about motorcycles, and seeks to be a magazine more about . I give this publication four and a half stars.

Kelton conducted the study on 1,013 adult woman riders and 1,016 adult woman non-riders. More than half of the women claimed motorcycle was a key source of happiness, while around 74 percent said after they began riding their lives improved.

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Unlike other riding mags, like it’s brother publication Rider, this publication focuses more on the experiential aspects of being a rider. Where other magazines have a more technical focus, Woman Rider provides a softer touch for women to read about places to visit and share stories of the adventures. For instance, the cover story in the Summer 2003 issue tells the story of three women who faced life threatening situations, and found hope and passion for life through riding. Susan Agin was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which threatened to be terminal. Riding helped her to find a new life, and overcome her illness. Another woman, homemaker Lisa Preston, shares her story how the joys of riding helped her deal with breast cancer. Other articles tell stories of cross-country trips, foreign tours, and recommendations for places to visit. These stories are just a few examples of the style of Woman Rider magazine.

Woman Rider is a quarterly magazine, published by the Affinity-Ehlert group, the same group that publishes Rider, Cruising Rider, and American Rider magazines. Its design is similar to its companions, only with a slightly more “soft” touch to reflect the feminine focus of its readership. There are lots of photos with the articles, and plenty of ads for biking apparel and motorcycling accessories. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the magazine is not found on newsstands and can only be obtained by subscription. The subscription rate is in the area of $11.95 per year (4 issues), which is a bit steep compared to other publications of this type. But Woman Rider makes up for it by providing high quality content.