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The gameplay of WWE All Stars full PS2 game was as similar as preveious WWE games. However, the game introduces the more exaggerated look of the wrestlers. It combines both fighting and wrestling. The most important feature is the inclusion of combos, be it on the ground and mid-air. WWE All Stars free PS2 game enables the characters to carry out exaggerated moves – for example John Cena jumps above into the air and Triple H’s Pedigree with shock waves running down the ring.

If you’re a wrestling fan, there’s a good chance you could be a thirteen year old boy. Coincidentally, THQ’s WWE SmackDown! series has been dominating the wrestling videogame scene for just over thirteen years. So THQ’s WWE games could be all you’ve ever known, virtual wrestling-wise, if you are indeed thirteen.

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    The newest addition to the series and THQ’s final WWE game. Whilst the gameplay and game engine remains mostly unchanged to previous WWE games, the addition of Attitude Era characters (wrestlers from the late ‘90s) earned praise from fans. Rather than the usual story mode, players can work through the Attitude Era storyline, replaying some of the biggest WWE matches from 1996-1999 and explaining the feuds and backstories.

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