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SiriusXM Satellite Radio SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit (Black)

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• Low-profile, XM Satellite Radio Antenna
• Small design for easy installation
• Shock and vibration proof
• Cable length: 23 ft.

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In 2006, XM Satellite Radio was sued by the over XM's new portable devices the and Helix. The RIAA claims these devices are equivalent to a downloading service, whereas XM contends the devices are protected under the 1992 . In July, XM requested that a federal judge dismiss the case. It should be noted that XM's subscribers can save only songs they hear on the radio and cannot request a specific song to be downloaded or program their radios to record specific artists. XM's portable devices allow the consumer to record a portion of their broadcast much like a , , or would allow. The content a subscriber records is available only while the subscriber still has an active account with XM Satellite Radio. Once the account is terminated, the recorded content will become inaccessible. Also, If a subscriber fails to listen to a total of 8 hours of programming a month, the recorded content will not be accessible. Recorded content can be accessed only on the portable device; it cannot be transferred to a home computer or separate digital music player.

This week’s Question of the Week was, “How have you solved the blocked Sirius XM satellite reception on your truck camper rig?”