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A Large Selection of Tomy & Kotobukiya Zoids Model Kits sold here!

I carry Zoids and Techno Zoids for sale! I carry Japanese and American piece. Over time I will be carrying older ones. These are quite cool and one of my favorite toy lines. E-mail me at for any questions or to place a order .

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The orginal Tomy Zoids have been discontinued

Dimetrodon Zoid EZ-065 - SOLD OUT

Our shop retails Blade Liger (Plastic model) Kotobukiya Zoids Zoids 1. Deal of the Week Monthly Specials GUNDAM Bilz Money Maze Puzzles Figurerise MG Model Kits Zoids. These highly detailed model kits are made by Tomy of Japan and are. The line was cancelled in mid-2004, due to poor sales. Price: $14.95 Sale: $9.95 Zoids for sale, buy Zoids. Sign up to get updates on new products, sales, and coupons.

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