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Zune docking station MP3 Player Accessories | Bizrate

Zune Docking Station With Speakers If your looking for the best deals on tech gear and Ipod equipment you've come to the right place. The 'Genie' is a revolutionary PC based app that searches the entire net and locates the best deal in under 30 seconds. It is free to install and its free to use so why not put it to the test right now. Simply go to and instal it now. Good luck and happy bargain hunting.

Sleeping can be distracted if the subconscious is looking out for trouble. This is relieved by the Zune docking station. Simply place it beside the bed, connect it to the wall socket, dock the Zune, play it (remote controlled) close your eyes and sleep.

Zune docking station speakers MP3 Player Accessories | Bizrate

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ZK500 the most powerful Zune docking station on the market!

Now, there is always malfunctioning equipment, these are just machines after all and if received as a gift, the recipient never had a chance to test it out. So, simply return the defective unit and in more or less a week, receive a functioning one. Note that machines are not infallible and sometimes there are products that get missed out in the production line. So relax and let them replace it and enjoy the magic and convenience of the Zune docking station.

The is another great suggestion. Designed specifically for the Zune, this item contains portable speakers and a Zune docking station. Equipped with 60 watt speakers, you get a crisp, clean sound. Retailing at $179.99 and has received good consumer ratings.