Try logging into your ZyXEL router using the username and password.

ZyXEL 48-Port Gigabit PoE+ L2+ with 4 10GbE SFP+ with Static Routing/VRRP and Redundant Power Support 460W Power Budget (XGS3700-48HP)

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How to configure a Zyxel Router in Transparent Mode

Resetting your ZyXEL router is very simple and you can do this in no time. For this, you could locate the reset button on the rear panel of ZyXEL router. Then, you could press the reset button on the back until the test light blinks, after that, you could release the button and wait for the router to reboot. Then, you would need to login with the default password. You could then make necessary configurations to your router after this.

Apart from transmitting and receiving network signals to setup a wireless network, Zyxel wireless routers are capable of running various network services and can share Internet connection for all network Users. Role of an access point is to act as an gateway for all network users; whoever enters the range of the wireless access point with a wireless featured laptop or desktop can access the wireless network through the access point. Usually you do not have to setup a wireless router and access point in the network because router serves all the services that any access point can serve but sometimes both these devices are required in a wireless network to expand the wireless network, to set access point for the visitors or guest, to boost the wireless network range, etc. You can configure an access point in the office or home and all your guests and visitors can use your wireless network to share data and to avail services like Internet, printer, shared folders, etc. offered by the network. Security thresholds can be set on routers to avoid unauthorized access to the network. Access points cost more money than a Trendnet . If you prefer you can buy an additional ZyXEL router and set it to work like an access point.

ZyXEL Router Passwords – port forward

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ZyXEL Router Guides - How To Setup a Network Router

A router is a type of device that is used in the computer networking. This device would forward the data packets to the destinations corresponding to their addresses. The function performed by the router is called as routing. This would allow exchanging data between these networks. The data packets are with address and this would indicate to which network it would be forwarded. The hardware and the software are being customized for transferring of data packets. ZyXEL router provides you with efficient connectivity and high security. You may face some issues with your ZyXEL router, in such cases; you could reset the router and its password. It is possible to reset the router password by pressing the rest button. You could access the router set-up page by providing the IP address and then change the current username and password. You need to keep some important things while resetting the router password.

You need to make certain changes to the router setup which needs to work as an access point. First of all, you need to access the page embedded in ZyXEL Router Access Point. To access the router configuration page, you need to connect the router to the computer using a network cable, set the computer to obtain the IP address from the DHCP and restart the computer. Once the computer is restarted, you can type in the router's IP address in the address bar and hit 'Enter'. You will be prompted to enter the user name and the password and you will be granted access to change settings, once the correct admin user name and password is typed.